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Friday, January 28, 2005

Music: True to Myself - Ziggy Marley. SOOO GOOD.
Color: green
Today is: selling the house day.

1. your full name? Natalie Loraine Lewis (hopefully, I will be changing my last name to "Wright" or "Wright-Lewis" - as in my mother.)
2. grandparents' first names? weird question. Bud (Walter) and Ruth, Sam and Barbra
3. what songs do you sing in the shower? Lately, my audition song for Oklahoma, just to prove i can do it correctly (WHICH I CAN!) Surprizingly, I usually sing Alelujuah or Agnus Dei or something in Latin. I really like to sing, and the progression of notes in Alelujahs and whatnot are usually beautiful. Good acoustics, best not waste them. Damien Rice is always a crowd pleaser... considering the size of the crowd in my bathroom...
4. what did you fear was going to get you at night as a child? I thought the doors in my basement would come alive and chase me up the stairs. I also was pretty sure either Dracula or Frankenstein would chase me down the hall when it was dark. I would run as fast as i could towards any lit room. According to a project I did in my psychology class, my fears are actually a sign of OCD. Hmm, I guess that explains A LOT.
5. when and why did you last vomit? Wow, it was awhile ago. I have this thing against vomiting... so i avoid it at most costs...
6. whats in your pockets right now? nothing. These are new pants, a la Lesley.
7. what color are your bedroom walls? Greenish
8. last thing that made you laugh? Hey Biddy! aka, me and Les rockin out in the car. More specifically, the fact that lesley can "back that thang up" waaay better than i can. ask her to do it sometime... DO IT.
9. nicknames your parents call you? My mom calls me Peach, my dad calls me Nate.
10. best bed sheets you had as a child? Cats. Stripes. White. I was a simple child.
11. favorite childhood pet? Extra, my favoritest kitty. I also liked Captain the Fish. Please take note that there were actually six Captain the Fishes, all named in progressive order - My potty training reward kept dying :( boo.
12. any pets now? Extra the kitty, and the occasional fish.
13. others describe your ass as? Lesley "You have no ass!" I do not, i guess. I wish i had more of an ass. I need something that can hold jeans up or give something for someone to grab onto. (CV'ed anyone? ooohhhh!)
14. do you like your teeth? i am growing into them. the gaps in the front kind of annoy me, but apparently most people can't notice them. they make me feel kind of unique.
15. inny or outy? Inny, fo SHO.
16. things you shout to stupid drivers? See, i am generally a pretty chill driver by myself. When other people get in the car and a) tell me how i should drive b) make a comment about another driver or c) agree with a comment ive made about another driver d) make me nervous or e) all of the above, i generally explode. and by explode, i mean... EXPLODE.
17. favorite bathroom? mine. i enjoy my own bathroom. weird.
18. bake or broil? BAKE.
19. black olives or green olives? black, if any. not a huge fan of the olives.
20. what kind of phone do you own? ugh, slida. needs to be REPLACED.
21. what's one of the strangest thing you ever chewed on? er, maybe we wont discuss that here...
22. is your music kept in a particular order? nooooooo way. except on my computer, its MOS DEF in alphabetical order.
23. where do you get your film developed? hah, who needs film when you have digital. (digital digital get DOWN!)
24. if your skin could be any color of the rainbow, what would it be? in general, not so white. but i guess if its a rainbow, i'd pick green, my fav color.
25. where did you go to pre-school? Montessori. I was a hippy child in some respects... i guess?
26. strangest drug experience? I'm stuck between 2: either the time when i chugged 2 red bulls and had a "caffeine hangover" or Dan's birthday party, where i convinced myself it was an "AWESOME" idea to follow Todd Terrazas down the hall. ooooh, bad girl makes poooor decisions. but who uses drugs when we have cooler things like... air... and music?
27. favorite weather? anything but this.
28. describe your fingernails? right now, they smell like bleach because i spent the afternoon doing manual labor (cleaning mold off the front porch becuase we're trying to sell the house.) They are generally in fairly good shape. Clean, not too long.
29. last time you had to go to the hospital? Well, taking into consideration i worked there over the summer..
30. worst injury you've ever had? Broke my ankle in basketball. Never played again.
31. how do you like your chocolate? Like i like my men. Smooth, Dark (as in mood) and tasty. well thats a lie. im not a HUGE chocolate fan.
32. favorite kind of tape? Duct. Although masking and i are great friends...
33. favorite thing to write or draw with? sharpies. YESSSSSSSSS... they came out with more colors and i feel i need the $17 set now...
34. last movie you rented? ohh man. that was a while ago. probably Oklahoma.
35. last movie you went to see? House of Flying Daggers. I was pretty good, but i liked Hero better.
36. were you a thumb sucker? Nope. I tried it a few times, but i never found the appeal of wrinkly skin... ew.
37. how old are you? how old are YOU? didnt your mother teach you it was rude to ask people how old they are?
38: What are your dreams like? The last one involved giant flying characters from Mario Melee. The night before involved making out with a friend's ex and a friend's potential being caught in my bed. oops.
39. hallucinations? not really, at least the monkey on my shoulder told me he was real...
40. worst hotel you've ever been to?Ah yikes, San Antonio Best Western. GROSSSSSS...
41. best vacation? I really enjoyed my trip to Prague. I also loved running around Los Angeles and NYC.
42. what languages can you speak? English and French. Pig Latin on occasion, and enough Spanish and Italian to find a bathroom or count to 10.
43. favorite house? huh? mine. too bad i wont be here for long...
44. favorite mode of transportation? Driving. yessssssssssssss... fun.
45. favorite place to swim? uh, in a pool? definately not in the fucking mary's river... SICK.
46. last porno you saw? hahahhaha. if you must know, ask me in person.
47. last song you listened to? SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONNNEEEEEE! I CAN BREATHE FOR THE FIRST TIMEE! IM SO MOVIN ONNNN YEAH YEAH! THANKS TO YOU, NOW I GET, WHAT I WAAAAAAANT! SINCE YOUVE BEEN GONEEEE! thank you kelly clarkson for making a song lesley and i dont mind losing our hearing too, as bad as you are...
48. favorite kitchen utensil? spatula.
49. favorite driving songs? see last song i listened to and (currently) Somebody Told Me by the Killers and Gotta Get Through This - Daniel Bedingfield.
50. what will you be doing tomorrow? helping my mom finish cleaning the house, planning the Oklahoma Girl's party, and selling the house... hopefully?

1. Nervous Habits? pushing the hair behind the ears. I've trained myself out of it pretty well tho.
2. Are you double jointed? n.o. thank you. flexible, yes. harhar.
3. Can you roll your tongue? thank you mom and dad for the alleles...
4. Can you raise one eyebrow at a time? yep... is that supposed to be hard?
5. Can you blow spit bubble? ewwwwwwww no. ask geoff king to do it - HILARIOUS.
6. Can you cross your eyes? yep.
7. Tattoos? noooo...
8. Piercings and where? ears. hellllllo.

10. Which shoe goes on first? i think left.
11. Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone? haha, yeah. i got one thrown at me too... bent my glasses...
12. On the average, how much money do you carry in your wallet? 20-30
13. What jewelry do you wear? very little. brooch and some earings. maybe a necklace.
14. Favorite piece of clothing? Pumas, I love you. And my Von Dutch. It is sooo pretty and plaid.

15. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? twirl.
16. Have you ever eaten Spam? yes, it was a very sad story - i was tricked into it.
17. Favorite ice cream flavor? Peppermint (when available) and Oreo.
18. How many cereals in your cabinet? 4
19. What's your favorite beverage? right now, my drink of choice is red bull, even though it tastes like medicine. otherwise, i am an H2O girl.
20. What's your favorite restaurant? China - D. minus the Shaw-factor who reminds me to practice safe sex... WEIRD.
21. Do you cook? oh dear lord. rarely. i consider myself to be the "bane of the kitchen's existance." it seems to hate me. i can fuck up grilled cheese... you'd be surprized what i can screw up.

27. Animal? mmm... a toughie. I've always been a fan of monkeys/lemurs/hippos. happens.
28. Food? I'm on this big sushi trip right now.
29. Month? August and May.
30. Day? Friday. yesss...
31. Favorite Cartoon Character? hmmm... toughie. I really like the baby from family guy, and i like "happy bunny."
32. Shoe Brand? Pumas. Wooo.
33. Subject in school? I'm guessing English... borderline Procrastination 101
34. Color? green
35. Sport? football... this is EASY
36. TV show? Alias, Desperate Housewives, and Life as we Know it.
41. In the CD player? Muse, The Killers, Keane, Death Cab for Cutie, and this awesome Kink Live album i have.
42. Person you talk most on the phone with? Definately Lesley, even though i see her so much. Dan and I don't talk as much as we used to, but whenever we do we have long, dense conversations, so he is a close second. Arlen is also on my list.
43. Ever taken a cab?uh... duh?
44. Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors? i'm so vain, but who doesnt? and BE HONEST!!!
45. What color is your bedroom? greenish. didnt i answer this?
46. Do you use an alarm clock? absofuckinlutely
47. Window seat or aisle? window with family, but aisle if im traveling with friends.
48. What's your sleeping position? on my tummy with my right leg bent. seriously, my sleeping position is an art form...
49. Even in hot weather do you use a blanket? not always. one summer i slept on ice packs for a few days (it was SUPER hot)
50. Do you sleepwalk? never. although sometimes i talk in my sleep, ALSO when people call me on my cellphone and wake me up to talk, i will RARELY remember any of the conversation.
51. Do you talk in your sleep? see above
52. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? i heart my bear. i dont really sleep with him, he's more like a pillow at this point.
53. How about with the light on? no, but my alarm clock is really bright, so it illuminates half of the room.
54. Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on? i used to sleep with the radio on, and now im going through a silence period.

now you know too much cruel cruel world.

dont cry for me argentina... i hate hedgehogs - at least the ugly ones.

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