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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Music: lala oooh lala ahhh lala ooh lala ahah!
Color: dark
Today is: the day after

we told you to expect the unexpected.
but you didnt even begin to imagine.

Last night was rediculous. My mum went out of town, so i of course planned a completely rediculous night of crazy. yes, a night of crazy. it started as follows:
Had a coffee date planned with Bau. Ended up going to Dream, where I drove him all the way from Timberhill and ended up paying for his pizza. murrrrrrrrrr. i drove home quickly to make it home in time to say goodbye to my mother. Lesley and Amanda came over soon after (after lesley made sure the stalker outside her house had left) and we started getting ready for the creme de la creme of our evening: crashing CV's Sadie Hawkins. It actually took us a whole hour and a half to get ready (soooo long - les and i are used to speed seshes.) and we started drinking Red Bull. And by drinking red bull, i mean chugging - gotta make that stuff hit you hard an fast. So we made it to sadies (on time) and got in without a problem. S.DJ was in this hizzouse (with Ikika) but nobody was dancing yet, so my girls and I hit the floor. We were loud and all over the place - but nobody at CV makes a lot of noise at their dances and whatnot (we wore the aves so people wouldn't recognize us right away) Saw a whole plethora of people: Anna and Sam, Marcus and... soandso, Tim and some girl (Aime?), Megan and Nate, and a whole bunch of CHS kids ( played that awesome song paul brought back AND that techno song for us.) Ben and Paul Skiis (haha) snuck in half-way through and came and danced with us which was a lot of fun. Les and I got the most attention when i was screaming or when we threw ourselves to our knees on the guitar solo of "I believe in a thing called love." We had an absolutely fantastic time. Ben left early to go talk to his gf, and the four of us left to go change at my house. We all snuck back into my house around 12 and i told my dad we were going out for ice cream... for about 3 hours.
We went back out and picked up ben, who had to sneak out, and went to tina's. We all just kinda hung out, DDR'd, and played silly card games. Around 3, we left to go "fuck shit up" but i think we were all kind of tired, so we went to cubs and ran around. Paul was the only one that fucked shit up, just some shampoo, but at least we accomplished something.
we dropped the boys off, had a gossip sesh, and of course, i was the first one to pass out. Mandy and Les talked until around 6 (i was already dead to the world,) I got up about an hour ago to clean my room and start homework, while Les and Mandy are still sleeping.
I am so fucked on my energy today, but it was SO worth it. Last night was a night for the record books. Latest i've gotten home, ever, probably one of the more rediculous dances, and the most ringing in my ears after.
too bad the boys didnt spend the night. Dad wasn't here when i got home, go figure cruel cruel world.
snakes/parades not cool... but i popped it.

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