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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Mood: So tired. My left ear is still ringing.
Music: Garden State Soundtrack and Short Stack (bwahah)
Color: Mud
Today is: The Day before Singles' Awareness Day

Tomorrow will be interesting. One of two things might happen:
One: Some charming, dashing fellow will surprize me with a rose and wisk me off my feet into the sunset on a white horse.
Two: It will be like any other depressing significant-other-less day, except Les and I will both be wearing pink.

Hmm... sounds like tomorrow is a #2 day.

Just got back from my LAST CHOIR RETREAT EVERRRRR at Camp Tadmore. Honestly, I will truely miss the muddy paths, the weak shower curtains in the remodled bathroom, and the constant smell of mold in the lodge.

Some highlights:
- The Half Stack. Since Noah and Alex are both in HVCC, we got a stupendous show in the post-talent show moments. Lots of singing, dancing, yelling, and Katie Payne and I dancing on a little stage in front of the entire choir. I think I just had a flashback... the acid type.
- Jonah Seitz. Let me just proclaim right here and now that I simply adore that boy. He is probably in my top 10 favorite people of all time. We were a little veclempt (not in that way, B) over Barbara.
- Geoff King. "I like children." "Me fight no more forever." and "I don't want to tomorrow wear a shirt no" The kid is always giving us the classics.
- The bus ride. Not only did we have a sing along, but I got to sit with the coolest people ever. Jeremy and I knitted for like... 5 minutes, and then joined in on a huge giggle fest. It was fabulous. "Figures, look where I'm sitting and it's Black History Month" - Justin, in regards to his lack of seat in the back of the bus... almost peed my pants from laughing so hard.
- "Hey Geoff, I just want the news, not the weather." - KTP
- Fart Jokes. "Good ol' Mountain DEW!" Thank you very much, Joey and Jonah.
- J-Unit. Only I could be the stylist... with fruit roll up wrappers. Juh-Juh-Juh-Juh-Juh-Juh-J-UNIT!
- Dance Party in Steens. For the first time EVER, I was in a cabin that wasn't directly off the path - I had to walk down the friggin hill to the very bottom where lowly old Steens resided. It wasn't too bad minus the HUMONGOUS spider that almost landed on Jeremy, while he was sitting on my bunk. I promptly tried to move it outside, but it decided it would rather live next to our chaperone's bed. My bad, I kind of lost track of it after that. Anywho, after the talent show and Short Stack performance, we (meaning as many people as we told) went back to Steens for DJ Nat Dogg's 2nd annual dance party. With the ipod hooked into my oh-so-sad-and-pathetic boom box, we busted some good dance tunes. A dance off erupted, and I won both of my 2 battles: one against Katie Payne, in which I butt-bumped her out of the circle, and Bekkah McCormick, who tried to use my move against me, so I pushed her out... with my HANDS. BWAHAHA. There was no stopping me. (She seemed a little angry about it, but you know, when a dance off erupts, you gotta use what you got.) Dance party got broken up by chaps around 12 (when it was technically "lights out") but we got a whole bunch of songs in, including sandstorm (TECHNO 05!), 2 rounds of Dragonstea Din Tei. Ma-ai-hee!

So after about 30 "oh what, oh fives," Tadmore 05 has come to an end. May the memories of ol' Tadmore live on forever, including the original soda-opening "AHHHHH!"
May the road rise to meet you cruel cruel world.


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