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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mood: Stressed
Music: Bring em Out - TI
Color: Sunshine
Today is: Be Humble Day

First it was Oklahoma bowling party + whoever shows up. We got some bowling done until about 9:30 and Paul decided it would be a good idea to heist a 6 pound ball, which they actually keep on these huge gray plastic carts. He easily heists it, and we run off into the night.
After a whole lotta techno in Ben's van, we end up spending a hella long time outside Paul's house (windchimes, car stealings, photoshoots, and busted cell phones.) and then decide that we're going to light the bowling ball on fire.
Yes, on fire.
So we drive off into the night, again, and find a suitable hill to bowl down. Ric, Les, Julia and I walk down a good part of the hill to "catch" the flaming bowling ball while Paul and Ben light it at the top. 10 minutes later, we stand impatiently for the FBB (flaming bowling ball) to fly down the hill. It's a no-show. We call them, and it turns out Ben lost his lighter. Julia realizes she has one in her car, so she starts back up the hill. Suddenly, 2 cars come driving up the hill. I frantically dial Ben's cell as Rick, Les and I dive onto a dirt pile, only to realize it's horse shit (really.) After the cars leave, nothing is happening. I call Ben, and all I hear is frantic whispering. I call again, Ben whispers that we are aborting the mission and to run our asses up the hill, which we immediately do. Someone has come out of their house to see what all the commotion was about. We all speed off into the night to realize les and Julia have to go home. Rick and I ride with les until the 6 of us meet up in the Timberhill parking lot. Les and Jules go home, Rick and I join the Paul/Ben team and we ride off into the night.. again and again. We drive to Chip Ross and decide the hills are just right for a FBB. We drive to the lot to see if anybody is making out, which of course someone is. We harass them a little (yeah, it was mean. get over it.) and then we decide its enough teasing, and we go to light our FBB. Rick and I photojournal from the car as Ben and Paul light the FBB. It rolls down the hill and Ben chases after it as it rolls into a bush. (I swear his pants were on fire a little.) When the FBB stops rolling (Ben kicked it into a curb) we decide it's a bad idea to bring a burnt FBB into the car right away. So we drive back up to the lot to harass the lovebirds. Ben flashes the brights at them, and all of a sudden, they turn on their car and the start coming towards us! Ben moved that motherfuckingvan as fast as ive ever seen a motherfuckingvan move. We drove off into the night and turned off the road and hid for a few seconds. Then we went back to pick up the FBB (what was left of it at least) and saw Darren Starks' truck, who apparently lives next to Chip Ross. After we were all excited about our flaming bowling ball, we went to sharis for french fries and strawberry lemonades and chatted over our sucessful FBB.

Just so you know. That was the FBB story.
The first rule of bowling club, is you dont talk about bowling club cruel cruel world.

lets leave the past... OVER THERE!

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