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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Mood: Tired. And sick of my ES201 paper already... GARRRR
Music: Talk Show Host - Radiohead, The Apple Song - The Stack, Bring em Out - TI
Color: Blur
Today is: the morning after.

Lesley and I are to fucking domestic for our own good. After we watched Napoleon Dynamite this morning (she was just as unimpressed as i was) we immediately jumped back into bed and read magazines, side by side. I told her it was like we were married, so she started playing footsie with me. I wasn't in the mood: i was "too tired... and i have a headache!"
excuses excuses... aHEM.

Last night was absolutely fantastic.

my half of tali's birthday present: $ 13
chinese takeout: $ 8.75
red bull: $ 2
after game dance: $ 4
lying on the cold kitchen floor laughing with Anna, Erin and Les trying to remember what happened/who we danced with:
fucking priceless
(stolen from Les)

After driving to the dance and parking in "Grandma's" driveway, we pretended Anna was a French exchange student at CV (tricked YOU!) and screamed our head off at the game. Lesley bought one of those vinage sweaters, and i... well... cheered with Andy... as to be expected. After the game (WHICH WE WON!) the four of us drove to Ryans and Anna and I downed the red bulls that Katie bought for us. We then returned to CHS (after parking at Grandmas... AGAIN!) and cut a majority merged with the line (senior priority) and boogied down.

... thats when it gets blurry. Only some things can be recalled, for example:
- Techno.
- Lesley... being weird. dont dance with any more boys by grabbing them by the side of the face. bwahhaa
- Anna dancing with EVERY boy (i am SO jealous)
- switching spots in the circle
- downhill and GG (WTF?!)
- Get Low
- Getting CV'd... BY LESLEY!
- Magic Fingers/ The man
- star wars
- guitar solos.... ON THE FLOOR ("nice guitar solos ladies!" i turn around to realize its my preschool boyfriend, who is currently a junior. EGAWK!)

please correct me if ive left anything vital out. make sure its PC/kosher/public worthy.

back to the ES201 paper my friends. stop drinking smirnoff and get back to the dance cruel cruel world.

nobody popped one.
gg = 0
dh = 1
sw = 2
4th st=4

my goodness. we are WHORES. yay for ladies night.

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