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Funny how little words spur so much controversy...
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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Mood: Lazy
Music: She has no time - Keane
Color: Fabulous
Today is: Natalie plays Sims2University after she writes her soc paper day.

Got a letter from SC today.
It scared the shit out of me cause it was one of those thin lil envelopes.
Almost died.
Think I peed a little.
Turns out they were just asking for my first semester grades.
Which I sent over 2 weeks ago.
SC is so weird.
But I love them.

Stay tuned for photojournaling KTP, B, and Nobot style.

Here's your daily reminder (via IM):
Bau: it makes me all warm and fuzzy when sims take more priority then a real person.
Me: it makes me all warm and fuzzy when you call me anti-semitic


whos that spartan with my tp?
its me! its me!

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